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What time is it?

Season 1! Our show has finally been greenlit for production. The production staff is hard at work and very excited for everyone to see the outcome.
Turns out Mike is coming down with the flu, so there goes our special effects. We're not quite sure where the story is going, that's Jeff's job. He's getting a pay reduction.
Bill is in charge of replacing the

The receptionist is only getting a dialtone, this company is going down the drain.
The suits are pushing for us to complete this season by September 2020 but we haven't even started, well, anything yet.

This was supposed to be a Notflix original but the director fell flat on his face and squandered that opportunity. Bill and Lorrainne are working very hard to lead the team ever since the director locked himself in his room. I don't think he's coming out. Hopefully we have some ideas by tomorrow. For some reason Ricky is worried that our office has lead contamination, he also spread radon detectors around the office. No results yet.

My job is to do the concept and promotional art, not sure why they lumped me into both categories. It's kind of hard to get any work done since we know very little about the show right now. Nadia is working very hard on developing the characters right now and is making up for Jeff's slacking. I think she's the most level headed person on the team right now. This is my first big job, so I'm not quite sure if this is normal or not. I've only ever worked in freelance commissions before.